From the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, I’ve been thinking about how we used to work during the SARS period, how we conducted our interviews and did our photography during the challenging period. Unknowingly, the impulse to return to the news front line to cover the pandemic came to mind. I decided to put my thoughts into action and contacted hospital staff that I’m familiar with to ask if it would be possible for me to go to the hospital as a volunteer photographer to capture scenes of our healthcare workers at their workplace and to document how our doctors and nurses are fighting this deadly virus and their personal sacrifices.

On the day of the photoshoot, I realised that besides the healthcare workers, there is a group of unsung heroes – the cleaner who have been tirelessly doing their jobs, making sure that the hospital is kept clean and sanitised at all times. “Armoured’ with their full personal protection outfits, these cleaners clean the wards, change bedsheets and sanitise areas that patients have made contact with. Their contributions are equally important and should not be neglected.

Every person involved in combating this pandemic in the hospital has a key role to play, be it the doctors, the nurses, the security officers, the cleaners or the admin personnel. Each role is important and interdependent in ensuring the smooth operations of the hospital so that the patients can receive the best treatment and care during their fight with COVID-19.

A special salute to all personnel including medical, healthcare workers and everyone who works in the hospital for your dedication and professionalism in keeping us safe. Thank you!